Leader scopes out southern odyssey

WHAT an adventure so far! I’ve been scouting two of our 2019 locations and there’s so much to share about our plans in 2019, I don’t know where to begin.

But let’s start from our Queensland component, Barry Riddiford, who is planning a cultural tour of some places significant places to him personally.. it will mean we practically get a guided tour into Australia long before we even realise we have begun.

This will happen as we travel south through Queensland and into New South Wales, Barry’s country.

At this point more of our team will join us as we continue south to Willaura, in Victoria to meet Toni and Adam Turpin.

This couple are still in the ADF but they have invited the Cameleers to their horse farm.

In return, Matt will connect power to their shed, and the rest of us will remove 12 old rusty bits of sheet iron from their car port and screw new ones in place.

I suspect the entire task will take less than a day, but I have allowed 10 days, so we have lots of time if we run over.

From there it’s over to South Australia.

We will head to Ceduna to stay at a sheep station owned by a couple who run a grader business.

These wonderful friends have welcomed us to their home and ask nothing but company from us.

Once again, it’s just a case of “set up camp and let’s explore”.

After a couple of days of exploring, we will head deep into the Nullabor.

On the way, Barry and I are looking at getting the team to a beachfront location to rest and camp with lots of fishing and rabbit shooting, however we may need to deploy quad bikes in to explore the surrounds and find us a natural shelter from the ocean winds.

This camp is at ground level and NOT at the cliff tops for which the Nullarbor is so well known.

Fromj there, we will travel to Eucla.

I don’t know where we will be staying but there are several options on the table that will allow us use of showers and toilets.

In Eucla, the Cameleers will be working with the local Shire Council and the National Trust to tidy up and old colonial building that has been consumed by sand in the form of shifting dunes.

We want to make it presentable – and safe – for tourists and visitors.

Check out the pictures.

Activities outside of our tasks in each location will include fishing, metal detecting, shooting, exploring native sites of potential significance and, as always, FUN.

We are the Cameleers, we served our country and love our people. We protect and continue to give to fellow Australians.

— George Koulakis